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Monday, May 22, 2006
  Online Tutorials about AT
Typing Tutorial
This site has a lot of info on typing related issues, ones you don't always think of initially, like ergonomics, vision issues, speech input, etc..
  Free Print or Online Magazine
Speech Technology Magazine
This is a magazine more suited to large corporate application but there are several interesting articles in the current issue. I liked the commentary on the need for speech recognition product vendors to start telling the whole truth about the effectiveness of their products. Another interesting article was about the need for Text to Speech products to be able to express emotion and emphasis. It's free, and worth at least a quick once over when it comes out.
Thursday, May 18, 2006
  First podcasting, then video podcasting, now textcasting? has started a novel use of podcasting to transmit text news summaries to iPod users. You can subscribe to a 15-minute, daily, audio podcast but it is completely silent! The text file that accompanies the audio is the news. The files are small and the news is a summary so it can be read quickly.
How would this apply to someone with a disability? Well, some could benefit, but hearing impaired people who could read this text won't be using an iPod, and vision impaired people would have difficulty reading this. It essentially is just a bonus use for iPod users.
It is easy to subscribe to this service thru iTunes or go this signup page of
  One-Handed Typing Resources
One-handed typing
Here's an excellent resource that tells about so many alternatives for one-handed typing and gives pros and cons of each method. This is definitely a bookmarked site for me.
Monday, May 01, 2006
  Frogpad? What's that?
Here's another one-handed keyboard that has many advantages of the CyKey keyboard but takes a different route. It is USB or Bluetooth, not IR like the CyKey. It uses single keystrokes 86% of the time. It also uses a variant of the Dvorak keyboard layout, a proven method of more efficient typing.

Frogpad, ergonomic keyboards

Q. How does FrogPad compare to chording keyboards, such as CyKey?
A. The basic difference with chording and Froggie is that the chording user must identify (and press) a unique chord (consisting of up to 4 keys) for each letter or function, while the Frog user only needs to identify the key location (and press that key) for each letter or function. Also, chording user must press and release each chord while Frog allows continuous key pressings. Having said that, these differences are more apparent when one uses either or both of these keyboards for some time. Chording and Frog share the same problem that it will take 'some'getting used to…. Yet FrogPad has a patented letter layout based on the research of Dvorak, and is much more intuitive. The learning curve is shortened dramatically. The CyKey has alphabet chords somewhat more intuitive than other chording devices, yet it will not reproduce all of the other functions of the standard keyboard."
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