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Friday, January 26, 2007
  Speech Recognition Miscellaneous
The following is a list of links to miscellaneous items related to Speech Recognition:
  Speech Recognition Software Options
The following is a list of Speech Recognition software options of various kinds:
  Speech Recognition Related Hardware
The following is a list of links to Speech Recognition related hardware such as microphones, digital recorders, and keyboards:
  Speech Recognition Training Resources
The following is a list of links to Speech Recogntion training resources and Hints & Tips:
  Speech Recognition presentation Web Links
The following is a list of the links found in the
PACE-IT presentation "Speech Recognition Comes of Age":
  Speech Recognition Podcasts
The following is a list of audio and video podcasts on the subject of Speech Recognition.

The Power of Speech Recognition
An excellent talk from EASI on how to use Speech Recognition to help people with learning disabilities. Several excellent hints on using Dragon NaturallySpeaking and choosing microphones.

Speech Recognition Transforms the Way People Use their PCs [Video]
Nuance president tells a little about the latest version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Innovation Tip: Sad story of a missed breakthrough Episode
A critical viewpoint on the history and missed opportunities of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. The history the speaker relates sheds some light on the current situation.
Here is also a follow-up on this podcast after the speaker heard from the president of Nuance:
Innovation Tip: Naturally Speaking Episode

Language Barriers Be Gone [Video]
IBM's MASTOR Speech-To-Speech is demonstrated in this video. They translate between English and Chinese and Arabic. They claim that this will be commercially available in about three years though it is currently being used by the military in Iraq.

Speech-to-speech translation capability makes its way to Iraq
Speech recognition translation is being used in Iraq war by the military during training exercises.

Google's Speech Recognition Research
What is Google doing with their Speech Recognition research? Mike Cohen, head of the company's efforts in this area and a co-founder of Nuance Communications, says that speech recognition will increasingly play a bigger role in all Web-based applications going forward.

Can You Hear Me Now?
Interview with Roberto Sicconi, manager for mobile conversational computing at IBM, explains how and why speech technologies will become a standard element of most mainstream applications.

Hi Again, Speech Recognition
Business Week looks at the current situation and promise of Speech Recognition applications.

Thursday, January 25, 2007
  Speech to Speech Translator
This was one of Ray Kurzweil's predictions that we could translate speech from one language to another. He thought it would be over the telephone but IBM is doing it on laptop computers and it is being used by troops in Iraq to translate between English and Arabic.
IBM researchers ‘MASTOR’ speech recognition - podcast

Here's a video podcast from ABC News demonstrating the MASTOR. They say it will be commercially available in about three years. Very impressive technology.
Ahead of the Curve Language Barriers Be Gone
Monday, January 22, 2007
  Technology Review: Programmers try to keep disability access up to date with the Web's dynamic advances
This is an interesting article on the hardships in making newer web functions accessible. I like the concept of calculating whether some data is 'polite', 'assertive', or 'rude' and controlling how often it is presented. For example, I have a Firefox extension that can tell me the current weather conditions and forecast. It will do a little pop-up every ten minutes or so showing the temperature. I don't have to really look at it if I'm not interested but if it spoke it out loud in the middle of reading an article I'd be annoyed. I'd also be annoyed if I have already heard about the Severe Weather Alert ten times already. I may just need to hear those things a few times at most per day but with an always on internet connection and computer the screen reader software would need to know whether I was there to hear it or not. What is a polite notice at one time may be rude at another.

Technology Review: Programmers try to keep disability access up to date with the Web's dynamic advances
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